Freediving the heart of a volcano

Tonga 2016


First person to freedive a lake inside an active volcano

The mission – Freedive the volcanic lake

In august 2017 Erez will be the first person to freedive the volcanic lake in the heart of Tofua.

This production will require a lot of planning as the island is located  few hours away from the nearest island. Once near the island – we will have to swim to shore (or if timing is right – jump onto the rocky shore), climb to the rim of the island (500m climb), walk along the rim to the descent point and then descent near the active element of the volcano.

Once near the lake – we will set up our gear and freedive.


This volcano has yet to erupt and is 1500m high


The active part of Tofua constantly smokes.


Trekking down the mountain

Tofua – Volcanic crater

Tofua is an erupted volcano which is located 42 nautical miles west of the Haapai group of islands. Tofu is the larger of two volcanos – the other is named Kao and is yet to erupt.

This amazing volcanic island is 515m high and still contains an active caldera on the North side.

A huge, deep lake which is said to be 500m deep (no-one has ever dived it) occupies the rest of the Caldera.

Historical value

The Mutiny on the Bounty (1789) took place about 30 nautical miles (56 km; 35 mi) from Tofua. Captain William Bligh navigated the overcrowded 23-foot (7m) open launch on an epic 41-day voyage first to Tofua and then to Timor. At Tofua (Bligh spelled it Tofoa), Bligh and eighteen loyalists sought refuge in a cave to augment their meager provisions. The cave is located on the northeastern side of the Island.

These days the island is largely uninhabited, except for a few small Kava plantations.

Production Objectives


The film will be targeted at productions such as Nat Geo or Discovery

The objective is to include underwater footage from the volcano alongside spectacular whale footage.

We wish to either film a teaser or a short film which could then be sold to networks

We will use a Drone for arial footage.

All video will be shot on a Sony a7Rii camera with Zeiss lenses. Underwater housings by Nauticam.

About Erez

Erez Beatus is one of the world’s most experienced freediving instructors and is a former world record holder in the No fins category.

Erez is an award winning photographer with works published across the world.

with a breath-hold ability of over 8 minutes, Erez Uses his breath-hold skills to get close and personal to his subjects.

Erez is the owner of Apnea australia – Australia’s largest freediving school and runs “Freediving & Whale encounters” trips to Tonga. Some of the Tonga trips are Photography focused and as such – Erez has a great opportunity to expose Zeiss and Sony to his clients.


This project will be shot using professional gear by: