Making the Impossible Possible

In a world where there are so many challenges and hurdles to jump through on the way to success it is easy to give up and say “Its impossible to do it..”.


Through training and correct Mental programming techniques, Freedivers have taken control of their most basic functions such as their heart rate and have learned perform under the most Extreme conditions. When Swimming unassisted to a depth of 100m is possible- any other challenge becomes another step on the way to victory.

Erez Has been a Professional FreeDiver for many years. He has held the world record for “Unassisted FreeDiving”, can freedive to depths of over 70m and can hold his breath for over 8 Minutes!  To do that Erez had to develop strategies for maintaining focus while under immense pressure.

In a career spanning two decades Erez is one of the world’s most experienced Freediving instructors and trainers. He has worked with thousands of FreeDivers and world class athletes to enable them to achieve their goals.

From a background of Swim Training and Hydrotherapy (rehabilitation in water) Erez incorporates his vast knowledge of human physiology, sport science and medicine with his experience as a world class athlete.

Erez has the ability to engage and hold the attention of any audience regardless of whether it is a group of 20 or 200. His talks combine humour with powerful visuals and a strong message. Erez has delivered talks in diverse settings such as Universities, Clubs, Companies, Sport institutes, Armed forces and many others.

Since his arrival in Australia 10 years ago Erez has worked on developing the field Freediving and has established Australia’s largest school which later evolved into an international agency. His Safety talks are an integral part of many freediving and spearfishing educational programs around the world.

Erez speaks about Freediving and how it can be compared with the more conventional world. His talks spark interest in personal growth and leave the audience reflecting on how they would want to live their life.Erez will meet with your team prior to the talk to hear about the desired outcome and will customise the presentation accordingly.


Deepest Dive



Longest Breath-hold

08:01 min

Erez Beatus

Erez Beatus

Speaker | Freediver | Award winning Photographer


Media experience: Multipile appearances in TV shows – National Geographic, news, sports shows

Languages: English, Hebrew

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About the Talks


My Vision

“I aim to deliver a talk which will trigger a real change in the way my Audience looks at things”

Key Elements

Talks are visual and practical – Participants leave with insights for enhancing their breathing and focus

Target Audience

Talks can be delivered to various crowds- from companies to social clubs.


Erez is confident you will enjoy the talk and offers a satisfaction guarantee on all his talks.

Think deep- Mental programming for Success

discover a method to strengthen your self image as a winner

Discover what drives you and your team.
Master your own mind to enhance productivity and efficiency.
Pinpoint your limiting factors and find ways to overcome them.
Discover how a small change in perception can generate a huge shift in results.

In this talk, erez will share insights into achievement. He will describe his path from the conception of breaking a world record to actually achieving it within 8 months!
He will walk you through the different performance limiting factors and will provide ways to turn them into strengths.

The three Performance limiting factors
Developing a good self image
Setting goals- the right way

By the end of the talk the participants will learn to observe their strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy that will lead them into becoming more balanced and focused.

Inhale – Exhale
Personalised breath training for Executives.

This Hands-on training will teach you how to maximise your potential by enhancing your breathing. Improve creativity, focus and speed by utilising proven techniques.

One on One time to pinpoint and eliminate breathing flaws that are limiting your potential.
The full breath – Explore the three stages of the breath.
Kumbhaka – Not just a word. Free your breath,power and unlimited energy to succeed

This workshop can be complimentary to the other two talks and
is aimed at small groups or individual training.

FreeDiving - Relaxing to the Extreme

Have you ever wondered how can a human being hold his breath for over 8 minutes and experience no brain damage? dive, unassisted, to depths of over 214m on a single breath?

FreeDiving is one of the most unique sports in the world. We are only now beginning to understand the physiological and psychological limits of the human body and with these discoveries new possibilities open.

This talk focuses on the history of Freediving -from the Japanese sponge divers through navy divers and all the way to the recent competitive world of Breath hold diving. We will introduce the dive response which allows Freedivers to survive dives of over 100m and how these adaptations were discovered.
Through amazing visuals and fascinating stories, Erez will share his path from discovering the sport to breaking the world record in 2001.
The participants will learn techniques to increase breathing efficiency and will experiment with breath-hold. Once participants discover they can control their most basic functions – everything is possible.


Breathing for life

Do you want to create a more productive and harmonious workplace?

Simple, easy to master, result oriented tools for enhancing productivity by Improving focus, relaxation and breath efficiency.
promote relaxed and flexible staff able of providing service / results.
Reduce absenteeism due to high moral and energy.
Reduce stress levels in the team to increase productivity.

In this talk, erez will shed light on the various aspects of breathing and its effect on all the systems in our body, including the way our senses get affected by inefficient breathing.
We will introduce performance limiting and performance enhancing mechanisms and will develop strategies that will enable each individual member of the team to perform at his /her peak by streamlining the breathing process.

Topics covered:
Breathing physiology
Breathing as a habit
The full breath
Maximising your breath potential
Breathing for stress management
Performance limiting factors / Performance enhancing factors
Visualisation techniques for reducing stress and improving Self image.
Breathhold training- introduction to the sport of Freediving

By the end of the talk the participants will have a much better understanding of their breathing, ways to control stress and practical ways to measure and reduce stress.


The content Erez delivered was fascinating and has left us with the desire to explore our breath and our potential.


Director, Pascoe Partners

it was a great workshop conducted by Erez from APNEA Australia. He has a great teaching style not only when working with groups but also when working one on one, giving individual feedback to improve weak points”

Rob Hosgen

WA Undersea club

“Erez Beatus is engaging, fascinating and doesn’t disappoint with the delivery of his adventures in freediving, photography and life!”


Owner, Dive Centre Bondi

“Myself and the other Bondi Lifeguards were lucky enough to take an underwater survival training course with Erez and the team at Apnea Australia. We of all people know how dangerous the ocean can be so the skills we learnt will give us the confidence we need to handle just about any situation the ocean can throw at us. We can’t recommend Erez and his team highly enough. These guys really are the best of the best and we are grateful for their time and knowledge.” 
Andrew Reid

Owner, Bondi Rescue

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